The BBC has written about how small to medium sized businesses can be left ‘all at sea’ when it comes to IT.  It’s all well and good  wanting to stay abreast of the latest technology but when is it right to review your IT infrastructure and when is enough enough?  

The BBC article talks about how some businesses suffer from ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’, that is the drive to keep up with the latest technological advancements but not necessarily having the resources to host and administer these.

At CGA Enterprise Solutions, we can help you navigate even the most choppiest of IT dilemmas with objective, impartial advice.

If you’re thinking that your IT infrastructure needs an overhaul or your business software needs an upgrade, then talk to us first. Chances  are you may need that upgrade but you may not need to spend a fortune doing so.

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To read the BBC article , click here.


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