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The five best translation apps for travellers  March 21, 2015 – 03:03 pm

Android, iOS, Windows Phone; free

It’s hard to beat Google’s revamped app, but iTranslate still has plenty going for it. The interface is clear and simple, and there’s an option to save phrases for later—handy if you know the situations you’ll be finding yourself in ahead of time. You can type or speak English text and iTranslate converts into any of 80 languages, and will even speak the pronunciation back to you in several, including Chinese, Polish and Turkish. In a quiet room, its speech recognition was accurate during my test. The app requires an internet connection.

A Google Translate screen grab


Android, iOS; free for 10 translations per day, £4 for unlimited version

Google’s visual translation tool does not currently work with Chinese, Japanese or Korean text, but WayGo does. WayGo works similarly: just point your smartphone camera at one line of clear text, such as a menu or street sign, and an English translation appears on the screen. Everything works offline. Pleco (Android, iOS; is an alternative, for serious students of Chinese. WayGo is working to add Western languages this year, according to the company.

SMS Translator

Android; free

This is handy and quick for conducting a text message conversation with a foreign language speaker. Type in English, add your correspondent’s phone number, tap translate and hit send. You can translate any replies back into English. You can also switch translation engines between Google and Bing Translator, the engine that Twitter uses to translate tweets automatically.

iTranslate Voice 2

iOS; £4

The idea is simple and time-saving: iTranslate Voice enables person-to-person conversation using natural language and a smartphone, with no need for tapping text onto a small screen. Just talk into the phone or iPad mic and the app translates. It supports around 40 languages and dialects, including pretty much anything you’re likely to use on holiday.


Superb Apps Translator
Mobile Application (Superb Apps)
  • Easy to use
  • Voice recognition
  • Share translated text
  • Sleek design
  • Speak in another language

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