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Xbox One games out in 2014

What are the Best Xbox One Games?  September 14, 2015 – 10:09 am

Want to know which Xbox One games you should buy and which ones you should avoid? This is what this article is all about. We've created a comprehensive list of Xbox One releases that sorts out the hits from the misses. Additionally, the USgamer team members have also posted their personal recommendations, and explain why those games are their favorites.

Directly below are games we've rated 5 stars

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

The Best - 5 Star Rated

A meticulously crafted, marvelous-looking and superbly designed racer that dishes up an absolute feast of automotive madness and mayhem. Sheer brilliance through and through.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare's bright colors, cartoon graphics and humorous approach are the antithesis of most first-person shooters. But don't be fooled. It's as good as any out there - and very likely an awful lot more fun.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs combines an astonishingly detailed world, a gripping storyline, creative game mechanics, a myriad of missions and activities, and improvisational tactical sandbox gameplay to create a truly next-generation open world game. Phenomenal. No other word for it. (PS4 review: Xbox One version is the same)

Perhaps the definitive version of Diablo III, Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition is streamlined, buttoned-down and an absolute joy to play - especially so when you start adding friends. (PS4 review: Xbox One version is the same)

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

From Software once raised the bar for game design; now, they've done the same for HD remakes. Rest assured, this isn't just a lazy repackaging of old content. Even if you know the Kingdom of Drangleic like the back of your hand, you're in for many new surprises. And if you've never played Dark Souls II before, your patience has paid off: This is simply the best version of it you'll ever play.

Need for Speed: Rivals takes some of the best features from prior franchise entries and combines them with a seamless single-multiplayer mode to create an absolutely terrific, utterly bonkers race-and-chase game that looks and sounds as good as it drives. (PS4 review: Xbox One version is the same)


Activision Inc. Destiny - Standard Edition - Xbox One
Video Games (Activision Inc.)
  • Online only and requires an Xbox Live Gold membership.
  • An incredible story set within a newly-imagined, always-connected universe filled with action and adventure.
  • Create your character, forge your legend by defeating powerful foes, and earn unique and customizable weapons, gear, and vehicles.
  • Unprecedented variety of FPS gameplay that redefines the genre and breaks traditional conventions of story, cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

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  • Next Gen Camera: Play as yourself on screen using Next Gen camera technology. Full body tracking enables Shape Up to get a precise read on your movements
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  • avatar What is the release date for the XBox 369 game, Dragon Age 3?
    • There's no official date yet for the release of Dragon Age 3. But in Europe, it will be released on June 30, 2012.

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