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Destiny PS4, Xbox One: Bungie talk the big changes coming in Year Two  December 16, 2015 – 05:40 pm

Bungie have promised that Destiny Year Two will see some big changesBUNGIE

Bungie have promised that Destiny Year Two will see some big changes

UPDATE ONE: Having put the wheels in motion for update 2.0 to be revealed in the coming weeks before the launch of the Taken King, Bungie have also put together a growing list of new features players want to see added to the game.

The community wish list page on the Bungie forums have been put together so that the studio can acknowledge that although they aren't able to implement all feedback, they are listening to what have to say.

"As we monitor the conversation that happens on, we notice recurring themes, " a post from Bungie community manager, David Dague explains.

"The list that follows is a reflection of what the players of Destiny have unanimously wished for on many occasions. Please note that this doesn’t represent our To-Do List at Bungie. While we can’t promise that every idea is being worked on, we do want to confirm that you’ve been heard. Our goal is to include you in our process wherever we can."

The list includes all kinds of fan ideas, ranging from guardian facial hair, to crucible map voting seen in the Halo series.

Here are the most frequent community wishes for Destiny:

  • Transmogrification
  • Private Crucible Matches
  • Gun Skins
  • Guardian Facial Hair
  • Vault Sorting Options
  • Crucible Map Voting
  • Expanding Faction Interaction
  • Aim Assist Toggle Option
  • Rotating Stock on Tower Vendors
  • Dismantle Consumable Items
  • Additional Matchmaking Options
  • Weapon Rebalancing
  • Material Stack Size Increase
  • Additional Storage/Vault Options

Speaking on the subject of the new area set to be explored by Destiny fans in the Taken King, Creative Director Luke Smith revealed their plans to make the Dreadnaught the best place to find fresh items.

Smith explained that the new Destiny destination was set to be a loot-filled fortress and a new place to go with new activities to do that make you engage more with the game world.


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  • avatar What is the release date for destiny the game on Xbox 360?
    • There is no official release date for Destiny the game on Xbox 360. IGN says TBA. Gamestop says June 30, 2014, and other sites just say 2014.

  • avatar WHERE Buy Xbox one video games?
    • You will be able to purchase Xbox One games in stores and online
      after the consoles release on November 22nd in:
      Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK, US, Ireland, Canada Austria,
      Brazil, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.
      It is scheduled to release in early 2014 for other countries.

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