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Articles in Video Editing Software

Home Video-Editing software
[September 23, 2015 – 08:46 am]
Home Video-Editing software

Video-editing software has come a long way, now offering easy stop-motion, cool transitions, picture-in-picture, Blu-ray burning, and much more. OB Roundup The camcorder is an endangered species. With smartphones, point-and-shoot digital cameras, and DSLRs all sporting video-recording—often in HD—and even tablets getting into the game, you just don t see people with camcorders at every tourist spot the way you once did. But while the video-taking hardware may be changing, there s still a real need for consumer video editing software. Aside from the those who need the raw power…

YouTube video editing software
[May 8, 2015 – 11:36 am]
YouTube video editing software

YouTube s online video editor has been around for several years, but it s not heavily promoted on the site, and it often gets overlooked by people wanting a basic tool to spruce up their footage. It shouldn t, though, because it s surprisingly capable. Here s how to get the most out of it. The YouTube editor lets you cut up and stitch together clips, as well as drop in music, titles, and transitions, and because it runs in your browser you can use it from any computer with no extra software required. Adding and splitting clips You can create a new project from the Project drop-down…

Video and audio editing software
[September 8, 2015 – 07:56 am]
Video and audio editing software

Multitrack Audio / Video Editor VideoMeld is an all new multitrack digital audio and video editing program. Use it to: Mix together any number of audio and video files into a single file Create impressive presentations or tutorials with background music, photos, and video Edit videos and add text captions, special effects, and transitions Create professional looking YouTube videos Master music recordings, keeping instrument and vocal tracks separate Make video recordings of the computer screen (screencasting), ideal for software training videos or demonstrations Check out…