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Top 10 Free Macro Automation Software for Computers to Perform Repetitive Tasks  April 9, 2016 – 08:19 am

Macro DollarThere are times when you need to do something over and over again on the computer which is very time consuming and tedious. One simple example is the need to transfer a lot of data from an Excel spreadsheet into a database management system (DMBS) and it cannot import the data from the XLS file. Instead of hiring a team of people to do the data input or a programmer to write a custom importer, you can actually rely on a piece of “Macro” software to automatically do it for you.

GhostMouseMacro software can be used to create a series of actions to help in automating tasks. It can be as simple as clicking a button to record your keyboard and mouse actions but it can also be very advanced where you get to write your own sophisticated macro script for play back. You can find both free and paid macro software, the free macro software is easier to use with less features while the paid versions support more commands and activations. Here we have a list of our top 10 free macro software which can make your computer perform repetitive tasks. 10. Macro Dollar

Do It AgainMacro Dollar is an old and simple automation software that was originally created around 10 years ago for “paid to surf” programs to click on advertisement bars installed on computers. Since it can record both mouse actions and keyboard input for play back, we consider it to be a Macro software. Probably the most unique yet least used feature found in Macro Dollar is the “Shake” option where your mouse cursor shakes when a recording is being played.

Mini Mouse Macro

The terms used in Macro Dollar are slightly different compared to the rest because this program is created by a Frenchman. For example, the Journal is normally called Macro and the Scenario is actually the Scheduler.

9. WinMacro

Macro Toolworks FreeWinMacro is nearly as old as Macro Dollar and still worked perfectly when we briefly tested it using Windows 7. Only 3 steps are required to record; browse the location to save the recording file, click the record button and press the hardcoded hotkey Pause/Break to stop the recording. Whenever you want to play back the recording, simply browse the .log file and click the Playback button. The playback can be cancelled with the hotkey Ctrl+Esc. The Options button allows you to set the number of repetitions and playback speed.

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