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Need for Speed Carbon Cheats PS3

Need for Speed Carbon Review  August 16, 2016 – 04:22 pm

After rebooting the franchise with Need for Speed Underground, EA has continued to produce some solid street racers under the Need for Speed banner. Last year's Need for Speed Most Wanted, which featured hilariously over-the-top live-action cutscenes and seriously tense police pursuits, proved to be a high watermark for the franchise. Now it's being followed up by Need for Speed Carbon, which downplays the role of the police chases, introduces some simple team-racing mechanics, and occasionally takes the action off the city streets and into the outlying canyons. The new gameplay doesn't always improve the experience, but the racing can still be quite intense and still has a pronounced sense of style.

That guy from Battlestar Galactica isn't much of a Razor Callahan substitute.

Carbon continues the story where Most Wanted left off. For those just tuning in, Most Wanted ended with you recovering your stolen car and bailing out of the city of Rockport while the overzealous, anti-street-racing Sgt. Cross continued his pursuit. At the start of Carbon, you're making your way to Palmont City when Cross, now a bounty hunter, catches up with you and totals your car during the chase. Before he can collect his bounty on you, though, your old friend Darius steps in and pays off Cross. You are then put to work, taking over the turf of the other rival street-racing crews in Palmont City. It seems that you've got a history in this town that predates the events in Most Wanted. During the course of the game, you'll learn more about that fateful night you skipped town. Different characters will give their takes on the night you supposedly ran off with a big red duffle bag full of cash. By the end of the game, you'll not only find out what really happened, but you'll have taken over all of the street-racing territory in Palmont City.

Outside of the actual gameplay, one of the more endearing aspects of Most Wanted was the way it used live actors in CG environments for its story sequences. These sequences invariably featured plenty of actor/model types, trying a little too hard to talk tough and failing spectacularly at it. The technique remains the same in Carbon, though there are more story sequences now and a slightly more self-aware tone. The heavy use of flashbacks is an interesting idea, but the story ends up being kind of muddled. None of the villains come off as particularly menacing. Although it's hard to really qualify any of it as sincerely good, it's just over-the-top enough that folks who enjoy stuff like The Fast and the Furious, ironically or otherwise, should get some enjoyment out of it.


EA Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit
Video Games (EA)
  • Enforce the law as police or be pursued through high-speed chases
  • Race 14 licensed cars and download more from the NFS3 website
  • LAN, modem, and serial cable support for Multiplayer mode
  • System Requirements 166MHz Pentium class processor or compatible or 133MHz Pentium class processor with graphics acceleration card / 90MB free space for game plus...

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Need For Speed Carbon Cheat Codes, Cheats, Unlockables PS3
Need For Speed Carbon Cheat Codes, Cheats, Unlockables PS3
Cheats and Codes for Need for Speed Carbon on PS3
Cheats and Codes for Need for Speed Carbon on PS3
need for speed carbon (PS3)
need for speed carbon (PS3)
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Need For Speed Carbon PS3
Need For Speed Carbon PS3
  • avatar What is the unlock all cars cheat for need for speed carbon on ps3?
    • In Need For Speed Carbon there is not a code to unlock all cars. You can unlock cars one at a time by completing evens.

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