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Grand Theft Auto Five for PS4

Grand Theft Auto V (for PS4) review: The defining version of Rockstar’s blockbuster crime game  June 17, 2016 – 01:40 pm

Rockstar GamesAny gamer interested in indulging his or her criminal fantasies has probably played Grand Theft Auto V.

Rockstar’s 2013 blockbuster sold more than 32-million copies as of this past spring, making it close to the most popular single game on the previous generation of consoles.

But now we’re on to the current generation, and with the interval between major Grand Theft Auto games taking on average around five years, the next numbered entry probably won’t happen until around 2018.

The only choice for fans hungry for more of the American and Scottish developer’s inimitable brand of law-flaunting action is to go back for a second helping of GTAV.

Rockstar GamesAnd with a brand new next-generation edition landing on store shelves this Tuesday, that option is looking more appetizing than ever.

For the half dozen or so folks reading who haven’t played the top selling game of 2013, here’s a quick, spoiler-free run down of what you missed.

Taking on the roles of a trio of nogoodnicks – up-and-comer Franklin, retired robber Michael, and batpoop crazy Canadian Trevor – players explore Los Santos, a scuzzier version of Los Angeles (dare imagine).

Rockstar GamesAll three main characters are dealing their own personal issues and have their own reasons for either turning to or returning to crime. Franklin wants to prove himself, Michael is dealing with incorrigible kids and a cheating wife, and Trevor is literally a maniac who really and truly enjoys doing some of the worst things imaginable, including psychological manipulation, torture, and murder.

Suffice to say the game provides plenty of opportunity for all three to get up to some serious law breaking.Rockstar Games GTAV provides a monster-sized open world in which you can generally do pretty much anything you want to, from stealing planes and robbing banks to meditation exercises and golf. Clever storytelling leads players to at least try most activities, but you’ll only get a taste of most things. The bulk of stuff to do lies outside the 40-plus hour campaign.

And beyond the seemingly endless activities of the single player mode lies Grand Theft Auto Online, a completely separate experience in which players get to create their own character and level him (or her) up, unlocking new stuff while roaming the streets of Los Santos and getting into trouble – street races, heists, general mayhem – with other players


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