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Spy application for Android phones

7 Free Spy Apps For Android to be like James Bond  September 22, 2014 – 11:21 am

2. SpyVision – Free

See what you can’t

Spyvision is one of the best surveillance apps in the 7 free spy apps for Android list. Almost everyone has a spare old Android smartphone lying around these days. With SpyVision you can make that old Android smartphone useful again. Making a baby monitor is simple and quite easy. Install the app, put the smartphone where it can hear and see the baby and have a peaceful night. Once the baby wakes and starts to cry, the app will automatically sound an alarm which will be enough to wake you up too. Or if you are worried that someone may eat the leftover pizza, you can place the smartphone in the kitchen too. But that’s not all the free spy app for Android does, it can record GPS coordinates and inform you if they change. The app can stream live video feed to you via internet and store images taken with the device on internal storage.


  • A makeshift baby monitor.
  • Sends text, email and even makes calls.
  • Remote viewing via internet is handy.

Notable Feature:

This free spy app for Android is a great tool to make your place more secure.

3. Ear Spy: Super Hearing – Free

Become the Daredevil

As the name suggest this handy apps makes your hearing a lot more receptive. It basically takes audio and sound in from the microphone and then amplifies it to make it louder and clearer. We tested the app and it actually works quite well. Apart from the traffic and ambient noise messing up the audio stream, the app was remarkably great. We were able to hear what others were talking across the hall quite clearly. As logic dictates, the app will not be able to perform well when used in a noisy environment but with smartphones with directional microphones, the feedback is not that terrible. The app works with Bluetooth headsets too so if you leave your smartphone in another room, you can clearly eavesdrop what is going on.


  • Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Looks really professional and cool.
  • You can actually have super hearing.

Ear Spy: Super Hearing is one of a kind free spy app for Android. The feeling of empowerment it gives is really remarkable. But be warned, you may not want to hear what others talk about in your absence.

4. Phone Tracker – Free

Where have you been?

Phone Tracker is a multi-purpose free spy app for Android which has a lot to offer. While the name may suggest it is a simple phone tracking app, the reality is the complete opposite. Sure the app tracks your smartphone (or any other you like) via GPS coordinates but it does much more than that. You can check messages, calls and web activity with this handy app. The only downside is that it takes you to a webpage to do most of the fancy stuff.

  • Simple to use app.
  • Being web based makes it portable.
  • Check text messages and emails.

Installing it on your child’s smartphone makes it easier to monitor what he or she has been up to. This can be used to keep the child safe from numerous hazards, including physical and digital.

7 Free spy apps for Android 7 Free spy apps for Android


Outfit7 Limited My Talking Tom
Mobile Application (Outfit7 Limited)
  • Play over 10 mini-games: Happy Connect, Bubble Shooter, Planet Hop and more! Earn gold coins and have fun!
  • Record & watch videos: Record and share your own My Talking Tom videos and watch other videos too.
  • Nurture your very own Tom: Play games with him, feed him his favorite foods, tuck him into bed.
  • Visit your friends & other players Talking Toms: Check out the apartments and look of other Toms, find treasure chests and get coins!
  • Enjoy life-like emotions: Tom can be happy, hungry, sleepy, bored his emotions change according to how you play with him.
  • Unleash your creativity: Create your very own Tom by choosing from 1 s of combinations of furs, clothing and furniture.
  • Get rewards as you progress: Help Tom grow through 9 different stages and levels unlocking new items and coins as you go!
  • Interact with Tom: Talk and Tom still repeats everything you say. Poke, stroke and tickle him, and watch how he responds.

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Xnore Android Spy App 100% Invisible
Mobile Application (Xnore)
  • No ROOTING Required!
  • View Remotely From Web
  • See all SMS Texts
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  • Listen Surrounding Sound
  • 100% Undetectable
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  • GPS Tracking Location
  • Remotely Live Control
  • Auto-answer Call

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