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Picture Editor application for Android

The best photo editors for Android  April 6, 2016 – 07:44 am
Adobe Lightroom

1. Adobe Lightroom Mobile

On desktops and laptops, Lightroom is one of the most commonly used photo editing apps out there. It's powerful, professional, and the learning curve isn't all that bad considering the hundreds of tiny changes that can be made to an image in order to transform it from a good photo into something you hand on a wall. Since smartphone cameras have been capable of producing wall-quality photos for a little while now, and out processors are nor more than capable of performing complex edits on the fly, a mobile version of Lightroom offers a similar level of editing capability no matter where you are.

Lightroom Mobile is only available on Android phones at the moment, but the interface is clearly designed to be touch friendly in an attempt to offer the same kind of flexibility the desktop version of the software is capable of. This means awkwardly zooming in on things every once in a while, but when you add in the ability to edit images in RAW formats on top of everything else you get a great quick tool for the Lollipop age of smartphone photography.Aviary Plus, if you use Lightroom on your regular computer you can use Adobe sync to ensure you're able to check out your edits as soon as you are back at your desk.

2. PicSay Pro

While serious photo editing has its place and time, quick and fun edits are way more common in our social networking world. The ability to snap a quick pic of your kid playing in the yard, some graffiti you spotted on a train car, or a diner sign late a night that stood out as you walked down the street are the things smartphone cameras are perfect for, and the ability to add something quick to make that one thing stand out or even just to add a little bit of silliness is too much fun to pass up. If this is your style of photo editing, PicSay is the app you need to be looking at.

OnePlusPicSay comes in a free version and a Pro version, and both offer fantastic lightweight features that can make a photo pop. You can bleed the color out of a photo save for a few small places, apply a quick filter, maybe a speech bubble with something clever in it, and be on your way to sending the photo in minutes. The UI can be a little on the clumsy side, with pinch to zoom and tap-based editing tools happening simultaneously that make it very easy to accidentally add or remove something as you edit, but both versions of the app make up for it with the sheer number of options (more of which are available in the Pro version) you have at your disposal. At .99, the Pro version is absolutely worth it.

Google Photos

3. Photo Editor by Aviary

There are a lot of simple editors out there that handle basic filters and focus shift kind of edits for free, but most of these apps are either tied to a social network (Instagram, for example) or just aren't flexible enough to be worth having on your phone. Aviary takes the filter fans and increases the quality by an order of magnitude, offering a clean and simple UI that focuses on letting the user quickly zoom in an make edits without interrupting the artistic thought in process.

PicSay Pro Hyperlapse

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Smartphoto Studio Photo Collage
Mobile Application (Smartphoto Studio)
  • 20 layouts of frames to choose from!
  • Easy to change border colors,BG and blur background!
  • Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize, pinch and zoom.
  • Lots stickers to choose from!
  • Easy to add TEXT or STICKERS, Double tap to choose delete photo or sticker.

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team5star Collage Photo
Mobile Application (team5star)
  • Key Features:
  • - 200+ types of frames to choose from, all of them are free
  • - Apply one of 14 filters to individual photos
  • - Change border from colors and 100+ free patterns
  • - Add text with different fonts and resize text
  • - 400+ free stickers to personalize your photo
  • - Zoom, pan, rotate or flip each photo
  • - Change the border width, add a shadow and rounded corners on photos
  • - Share to Instagram, Facebook or other places
VicMan  LLC Photo Lab PRO
Mobile Application (VicMan LLC)
  • Intuitive interface you re sure to love
  • Over 600 unique effects
  • New effects with every app update
  • A wide range of photo template designs
  • Add text of your own to the resulting image
  • Set result as a contact icon or wallpaper, or save it to the phone memory or SD card
  • Easy sharing via Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail
David Erosa Collage
Mobile Application (David Erosa)
  • The best and easier to use Android photo collage maker.
  • Beautiful design, for both phones and tablets!
  • Load images from the gallery, camera or any other app.
  • Add and edit text to your collage with that special message.
  • Decorate your collages with funny stamps. More than 150 to choose from!
  • Save your collage to work on it later.
  • Save the collage in high resolution (more than 1024x1700 in full version). Perfect for desktop or home screen wallpaper!
  • Share your collage to Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Flicker, Picasa, Blogger, Tumblr or any other social media.
calebgooldasd Photo Collage Editor
Mobile Application (calebgooldasd)
  • Free form finger movement to crop any desirable shape from a photo with blend effect.
  • Add photos your want to add to collage. Cut the Photos to include only the parts you want to include in the collage.
  • Add Stickers that you want to add.
  • Add Text on Collages with awesome Text Editor.
  • 10 + cute background for your collage.

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