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Office application for Android tablet

10 must-have business apps for Android tablets  June 25, 2020 – 08:33 am

tablet-android-apps.pngAs a platform, Android has been business-ready for quite some time. However, it's often difficult to find the right app to do the job. Considering how many apps are available in the Google Play Store, digging out the business-gems can be a long, involved process. With that in mind, I've developed a list of what I believe to be the must-have business-centric apps for your Android device.

1. Dropbox

There are plenty of cloud-based storage apps out there (my favorite being Ubuntu One), but few of them can hold a candle to the wide-spread support that Dropbox enjoys. Nearly any third-party app with cloud support works well with Dropbox. And since Dropbox is supported across almost every available platform, it makes perfect sense that this would be your go-to cloud storage app. Price: Free (unless you need more space for your account).

2. Kingsoft Office

My go-to mobile office suite for the Android platform is Kingsoft Office. With support for more file formats than the majority of other applications of its nature (23 different formats), Kingsoft Office can work with nearly any document. This particular take on the mobile office suite also has built-in support for many cloud-based storage services and offers one of the easiest-to-use interfaces. Price: Free.

3. TouchDown

If you're looking for the closest take on Outlook for the Android platform, TouchDown is the app you want. TouchDown can connect to your Exchange server and offers a single interface to access your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. There are versions for both phones and tablets (if you're installing it on a tablet, be sure to install the HD version). What makes TouchDown better than the built-in email client (outside of the one-stop-shop approach) is all of the configuration options. If you're looking for an email app that can be set up to exactly fit your needs, TouchDown is the real deal. Price: $19.99 (USD), but you can give it a test run with their 30-day free trial.


Fluik Entertainment Inc. Office Jerk Free HD
Mobile Application (Fluik Entertainment Inc.)
  • Hit the Jerk with 30+ items
  • Unlock hilarious reactions for each item
  • Discover tons of environment interactions
  • Master the Office Jerk checklist
  • Earn Daily Rewards
  • Complete Daily Challenges
  • Achievements Galore!

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Office for Android tablet - Printing
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Get Office for Android tablet – 90 seconds
Game Hive Corp. Beat The Boss 2
Mobile Application (Game Hive Corp.)
  • → Laugh your face off funny: These aren t jokes for your grandma.
  • → Physics Simulated: Get a satisfying reaction to all your intense beating
  • → Premium Weapons: 100+ all new skull cracking, bone breaking, nerve-racking weapons.
  • → New Town Map: 9 interactive stages, each with their own bosses and secrets to discover.
  • → New way to play: Funny player objectives and premium rewards.
Microsoft Corporation OneDrive
Mobile Application (Microsoft Corporation)
  • Browse all your own OneDrive files and files shared with you
  • Share OneDrive files by inviting people, sending a link, or sending files to another app
  • Open your OneDrive files in other apps
  • Quickly get to documents you ve recently opened
Fluik Entertainment Inc. Plumber Crack
Mobile Application (Fluik Entertainment Inc.)
  • Pick your plumber: Norm or Betty
  • Toss things in their butts in the kitchen, the office and on the golf course
  • Choose from more than 15 items to throw in their butts
  • Collect coins and earn Bucks to buy costumes, tattoos and throw items
  • Complete collections over and over again to earn buckets stuffed with Bucks
  • Arcade, Sharpshooter and Time Challenge modes
  • Leaderboards and 55+ achievements - impress your friends and family with your crack throwing skills
Microsoft Office for Android tablets quick look!
Microsoft Office for Android tablets quick look!
Get Office for Android tablet – 30 seconds
Get Office for Android tablet – 30 seconds
Quickoffice for Android
Quickoffice for Android
  • avatar Can you install Microsoft office on a android tablet?
    • No, you can't install MS office for android tablets.

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