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It’s time to make your business more favorable

 January 29, 2018 – 07:25 am

Certainly no one likes to stand in queue in the shop. But today, every minute is precious, and everybody wants to spend this time usefully and not to waste it. Obviously, the calculations should be spent quickly and with maximum comfort. So, terminals were invented for this purpose.

There are no trifles in large and small business; however, the cash unit is one of the most critical areas. In other words, the shop is open until the cash register works. Simple cash registers have narrow functionality. Maybe you need a POS, instead of the usual one. Harbourtouch offers Echo POS System for Small Business only $29!

The use in stores of large format POS terminal as the cashier is almost axiomatic. Without this helper it is impossible to control merchandising: to make orders, monitor balances, inventory in time. Besides, the cashier needs to collect and quickly transmit to the analysis of a huge amount of statistical information about sales. Only the POS terminal connected to a local network of commercial enterprise can handle with this task.

Echo is one of the best POS systems for small business. It has three different modes from simple to robust. It combines the benefits of a traditional POS system with the simplicity of a tablet system: streamlined operations, CRM functionality, reports and analytics, employee management. Customers can even sign right on the screen.

Thin hardware design and cast aluminum body offers a modern look with durability to last. Echo offers a basic calculator for quick sales, a conventional cash register mode, and a full function POS system for more options. The software is module-based, so, you can hide the features that do not relate to your business. Run your business convenient and profitable with Echo POS System!

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