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AccuWeather (for Android) Review & Rating  September 2, 2017 – 07:19 pm
AccuWeather (for Android)By

AccuWeather seems to have an inkling of what users want in their free Android weather apps. You can just glance at the app's main page and get lots of information about current conditions, or you can scroll through your saved locations with the app's widgets. But this app needs a redesign, as the current version looks outdated and feels sluggish. It just can't keep up with the competition.

Dated Design
AccuWeather's main page is called Now, and it features a static image that mimics current weather conditions emblazoned with the current temperature. Swiping left and right on AccuWeather's main page reveals more weather tools with a dedicated screen for each. I much prefer the layout of Weather Underground, which features an info-heavy top panel and customizable tools below.

AccuWeather's Now page manages to cram UV index, humidity, visibility, dew point, pressure, and a table showing wind speed, direction, and gusts. Below all of this data is the My AccuWeather tool, which provides customized forecasts for DIY projects, outdoor fitness, and others. This could have been a key feature, but it's poorly realized, with vague information like "The temperature is just right, just the right amount of wind."

Swiping right from the Now page reveals Locations—which are also accessible from a pulldown menu at the top of the screen. This puts location search and saved locations within easy reach, which I like.

Swiping left from the Now page pulls up the Hourly forecast, featuring a chart mapping the actual temperature and the "RealFeel" temperature, but no precipitation information as on 1Weather. That information is reserved for an hour-by-hour breakdown below. The Daily forecast, one swipe to the left, uses a similar format to show two weeks of forecast data. It's useful, but difficult to read. I much prefer 1Weather's interactive charts, which are better designed and offer more information.

AccuWeather (for Android)Swiping even further to the left is Maps, which shows a current radar map for your location. Below this are also handy links to radar maps for your saved locations. This muddies the navigation of the app somewhat, but I like it. Tapping on a map takes it full screen, giving you the option to animate the movement of local storm systems. The radar map shows the severity of rain, snow, and ice, but does not offer the typical wide array of overlays found in just about every other weather app. It's certainly less overwhelming, but weather geeks will have to look elsewhere for data about cloud cover, fronts, and the like.

The last two sections are Videos and News, which repackage AccuWeather content for mobile. I was surprised to find that, unlike The Weather Channel, which focuses only loosely on weather, AccuWeather's Video section contained nothing but video forecasts. Better still, there is a Spanish language forecast for the New York area—a big plus in my book. The News section includes text articles on a broader range of topics, but they are still solidly weather-centric.

If all this swiping sounds tiring, it is. The design of AccuWeather feels very dated, and I was surprised at how sluggish the swiping was in my testing. Though my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is hardly a top-of-the-line phone, this app still shouldn't be so lethargic. If an app requires that much swiping, it ought to at least be smooth.


AccuWeather AccuWeather
Mobile Application (AccuWeather)
  • AccuWeather MinuteCastTM - minute-by-minute weather forecasts for the next two hours that are hyper-localized to your exact street address. Includes precipitation...
  • Severe weather alerts - designed to keep you out of the storm
  • Weather radar for all of North America and Europe, and worldwide satellite overlaying interactive maps
  • Looking Ahead - a brief, at-a-glance summary of what you can expect from your local weather
  • Rich weather data including chance of precipitation and amounts, cloud cover, wind speed gusts and direction, times for sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset, and...

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    • An android app is meant for phones with an android based operating systems. They can be downloaded from the android app Market which is pre-loaded on every android phone

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